This demo was a very emotional and life changing experience for me. My Grandfather has been gone for 9 years now, since early September. Losing him took a huge part of me as well. Some say death is easy but it wasn't for me. "Faded Blue" was the first song I ever wrote, and it is written about the night that he died. My pain is written throughout my music, and the lose of him. There will never go a day he's not with me. I made this demo in his remembrance. Rest In Peace, Bobby Carroll Jobe. this ones for you.

When you're in my dreams, reminding me of the things I did wrong
My heart breaks, it breaks, and I drink, I drink
To think thoughts, to think knowledge
To think thoughts, to think knowledge
I had life all planned out, I had life all planned out
Knowledge to live on without, the thought
When those dreams haunt my sleep, they keep me awake, they keep me awake
Constant reminder of my wrong, of my wrong doings
The heart ache I put onto you, I'm sorry I am broken
When I'm broken, I fall, and I fall
Falling to a substance taking my judgement
Hopefully you're not there when I fall, when I fall
Deep into a rest, of an alcohol induced sleep,
Because when my heart breaks, I drink
So please, leave me to sleep

Devil's Cliff:
Mind playing games, visions of my death
That have yet to come
Driving off a cliff to watch myself, fall face down
Dead and buried, mothers eternal love comes in many forms
Will you come true? Deaths on its way
Am I ready to take the hand of the devil?
Death, do you hear me coming?
Or are you the demons in my head?

Faded Blue:
Watching you sleep for weeks
Laid with you hoping you'd wake up, from your dreams
Watched you die, as it was time to let you go
You were all I knew, and I lost you. And I lost you.
Moon light hit your face, as I held you.
Color faded, as your lips, turned blue.
Kissing your cold face, tears on your cheek fall.
I could have saved you, you were all I knew.
So here's my goodbye.
So here's my goodbye.

Sun VS. Rain:
Warmth hits my skin
Used to the rain
Never seeing the light again
Laid my head, sun beating down on my face
Reminds me of a dream, a dream of the sun
A place that was never cold, a home that was never empty
Kissing, pale blue cheeks
Sun kissed
As I lay my body to rest, never seeing the rain, never to be cold
My body is laid down to sleep, auburn red hair glows
Barely seeing the sun anymore
Warm soul, is lifted for the sun, has put a blanket of death over me.

This Is My Home:
Do I call this casket a home?
Alive but I'm dead inside
Walking, Living
Seeing death, consume my mind
Laying here, cold, still breathing
This casket is my home, was I meant to falter so young
Found my home, six feet under
Building my own grave
Laying here, still breathing, this casket is mine